Course material on mobile devices

The Division of Computing, School of Science and Technology at the University of Northampton is investigating ways of how mobile devices can be used. Using mobile applications, both in terms of iphone 'apps'  as well  as investigating how some of the web based materials the division produces, can be made  more accessible on mobile devices for example the iphone.

Examples of the web-pages design changes are shown below:

This figure above is difficult to read on the screen and so needs to be expanded to make it more readable. The figure below uses the same web-content but has included a way of formatting to be more suited to mobile devices.


This was done with a small adaptation to the website that makes the pages more readable without effecting the way it is view on a browser on a PC.

Applications or 'Apps' are under development as a complementary method of delivery of some of the taught materials the division produces. Examples of which can be seen below

Some examples are shown here.The two below show how taught material or module information can be presented and accessed via a mobile device.

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More detail about the modules within the Computing division can be found by clicking here