CEISE keynote: Green computing and the role of higher education

The keynote session for 7th China – Europe International Symposium on Software Industry Orientated Education to be held 23-24th May 2011 at School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton, UK. We have been fortunate to have three keynote speakers.

Denise Oram– Ethical dimensions, building and procuring for sustainability
Colin Pattinson- Sustainability in the IT/CS curriculum
Bob Crooks– Wider UK government and BCS work on Green ICT

 As both large consumers of technology and energy with significant sustainability impacts, and agents for changing behaviours and technologies, universities have a pivotal role in securing a greener planet for us all. We aim to set out the drivers for change and how we in the UK are driving change forward through UK Government, Education and Industry work.
 The first session will set the context for action, highlight the opportunities that can be taken in procuring and designing for more efficient ICT use and practices , and how UK Professional  and Educational bodies are leveraging these opportunities and the progress made to date
 Next we will explore how the Green ICT agenda can be taken forward in the HE environment taking on board student perspectives and the design of a well-balanced curriculum. We argue that this needs to get across the whole area of sustainability, its language, challenges  impacts from ICT and in depth exploration and learning around areas of large impact eg data centres, printing/paper, Cloud services.
 Finally we will  step back to look at the various wider UK government and EU programmes impacting and driving Green ICT work for Public Sector organisations such as universities and other HE establishments, and provide an opportunity for discussion of the issues raised

For more details of the conference can be found at this link.