Inclusive Learning

On the 7th June 2011 the School of Science and Technology ran a staff development activity looking at Inclusive learning and assessment.

'Question Time'
A 60 minute panel session, panel members
Chair: Janet Jackson - the school's Disability Co-ordinator;
Jayne Hey - Access Ability Team Leader;
Jill Pickard -  Head of Framework & Student Regulations;
John Butcher - Senior Academic Development Advisor, DELTAE;
Paul Crofts - Equality & Diversity Officer (Students), DELTAE.

Questions included

  • ·         What does inclusive learning mean to you?  
  • ·         Who stands to benefit from inclusive learning and how? 
  • ·         Where does the University stand legally in terms of its responsibilities in this area?  
  • ·         Will inclusive assessment mean all my students pass?  
  • ·         Are innovative assessment and inclusive assessment mutually exclusive? 
  • ·         Where can staff go for help in designing inclusive assessment?    

This session was followed by a subject-based groups 'breaking away' to discuss the five questions around this area and then to feed back to other  colleagues.

One of the outcomes from this has been departments within the school being asked to prove examples of good practice in this area for wider dissemination.