June - another good month

Another good month for publications in teaching and learning in the school.

Two chapters in the recently published book Software Industry-Oriented Education Practices and Curriculum Development: Experiences and Lessons  edited by Drs. Matthew Hussey, Xiaofei Xu and Bing Wu.  ISBN: 978-1609607975 IGI Global 

  •  Bing Wu(Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland), Kamal Bechkoum(University of Northampton, UK), Deirdre Lawless (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland), Xiaofei Xu (Harbin Institute of Technology, China) Chapter  2: Education to Meet the Requirements of Software Industry and Beyond - Establishing, Implementing and Evaluating an Industry-Oriented Education Model in China see chapter sample. Sample of the chapter available at Chapter 2 sample.
  • Gary Hill (University of Northampton, UK) and Scott Turner (University of Northampton, UK) Chapter  7: Problems First . Sample of the chapter available at Chapter 7 sample

Rashmi Dravid (University of Northampton) and Catherine Klimes ( University of Northampton). Redefining Women in IT  ‘Gender and Interdisciplinary Education for Engineers - GIEE 2011’, UPMC - Campus des Cordeliers, Paris, France. Their poster received special commendation at the Conference.

Terry Tudor (University of Northampton)  Issues associated with the internationalisation of curricula: a case study of the development of a collaborative Masters programme between the University of Northampton (UK) and the University of Madras (India)  Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education (Vol. 3 No 1 2011, ISSN 2041-3122). The full article can be found at: http://journals.northampton.ac.uk/index.php/elehe/article/viewFile/22/33