computer forensics

In a recent posting about computer forensics the paper presented by Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz was discussed. A recent blog reviewing the workshop provides an interesting overview of the workshop and discuss some of the presentation including Ali's.

"One of the last presentations of the day was by Ali Al-Sherbaz from Northampton University.    Ali directed us to an interesting web page which is entitled, The Evolution of Privacy on Facebook which has a really nice graphic.  (Digital privacy is one of those issues that is addressed on an Open University module called TU100, My Digital Life). Ali also introduced us to a pedagogic tool called Dale's cone of experience.Christopher Douce

The blog also provides an informative summary and reflections on the links between this workshop and others by the Higher Education Academy. It also makes a convincing read on why we should go to these subject based pedagogic workshops.

The posting can be found by clicking on this link.