opinion: ipad, mind maps and student feedback

I have recently been playing with mind maps as a tool for student feedback on the iPad. The idea being in a meeting with a student or students either a dissertation meeting or a project meeting, use mind mapping software on the iPad to document which can then be emailed or posted back to them.

My software preference is iThoughtsHD on the iPad, mainly because I find it easy to use and is set-up to email back the result in several forms, including as an image and as a text outline. It is structured and visual, which I can show the student(s) straight away when talking through my comments.

Why bother? Again a personal view but the visual structuring of the information I find helpful to me both when I am producing the map and the afterwards when I check progress. One of the other reasons, again a personal view, it is fairly enjoyable to do, and to look at afterwards. I find myself more likely/willing to view these afterwards than when I make written comments normally.