Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Personal View: On-line marking - two screens or one

I was involved in an interesting conversation (well for me anyway) recently, a colleague was saying that they found on-line marking slower and more restrictive.What I have found is it is quicker and I am (I think) providing more meaningful feedback. So what is the difference?

My apologies now on two accounts; first for this just being a personal view and second stating the obvious. One of the difference I think is I am lucky to be using two screens not one.This does makes a big difference to the experience of marking.  I find myself putting the student's work on one screen and on the other assignment briefs and anything else I need. It gives a much more enjoyable experience to the marking and I do believe a more productive one.

Anecdotally the few  students that have commented on the on-line marking through Grademark have been very positive.

So in terms of on-line marking ---Two screens are better than one! In terms of Green Computing...well that may be another question.

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