Learning Pathways – How to release material to students to provide flexibility.

Re-posted extract from "Learning Pathways – How to release material to students to provide flexibility.": http://blogs.northampton.ac.uk/learntech/2012/04/03/learning-pathways-%E2%80%93-how-to-release-material-to-students-to-provide-flexibility/ by Rob Davis.

It’s a really neat trick to make learning material appear to students only when required, or when students have completed previous work or tasks. Just add your learning material to NILE as usual but select Adaptive Release options to choose how and when this material becomes available to your students. You can make content available at a particular time, to a select group of students, or even release different content to different students depending on their grades. You can also ask students to confirm they have reviewed a piece of content, in order to release the next piece.
This is a great way of structuring learning pathways for your students, and allowing yourself and the student to track progress as well.
The User Guide “Using Adaptive Release in NILE” provides details on this and a video tutorial here shows what can be done with the more advanced adaptive release functions “Adaptive Release Advanced”.