Preparing your NILE sites for the new academic year

As previously described in the blog posting on linking NILE to the Student Record System, new NILE sites have been created for the 12/13 academic year and are ready to be used.  You should now move content from your old sites to the newly coded areas. There are a number of steps which will help you in this task:
  1. Find the modules which you will be involved in during 12/13. Ensure you select the correct module which should have a course ID which describes the module, the session, and the year of activity (e.g. DRA1018-STD-1213). The name of the module will be prefixed with the year of activity (e.g. 12/13 Technologies for Performance)
  2. Add yourself to the module using this guidance
  3. Follow the guidance inside the module template to copy material from other sites as needed. The template should be used where possible to assist you to structure material and provide students with a consistent experience.
  4. Create additional material, links and Turnitin submission points within the new module as needed
  5. When you are satisfied that all content is in place then make the site live to students
  6. Students will be automatically added to the site as they are confirmed as enrolled
Sites have also been created for courses/programmes in addition to the session specific modules, and you will see these when conducting the search in point 1 (above).  If you wish to use course sites you have the choice of using either those which are broken down by the session (in the same way as the modules. e.g. CBDDRAMA-1FT-1213). Alternatively you may wish to only have one course site for the whole year regardless of the session variation (e.g. CBADRAMA-1213). Both types have been created and regardless of the option you choose, students will still be automatically added but will only see the site you are using once you have made it available to them.
If you need to clarify any of the above points then please mail