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STEM conference 2012: Computing

STEM conference 2012: Geography and Environmental Science

STEM conference: Engineering

HEA STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013: Call for papers

Taken from:  HEA STEM: Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013: Where practice and pedagogy meetDate: 17 Apr 2013 - 18 Apr 2013Location/venue: University of Birmingham Call for papers The Higher Education Academy's second annual learning and teaching STEM conference entitled “Where practice and pedagogy meet” will take place on 17-18 April 2013 at The University of Birmingham. Higher education has changed dramatically over the past ten years with advances in technology, the changing expectations of students, growing diversity and the increasing variety of higher education institutions. This conference aims to disseminate evidence based, effective practice and to examine how this impacts on STEM disciplines. The Conference will explore the relationship between pedagogy and practice across the full range of HEA STEM disciplines (see below for the full list of HEA STEM disciplines). Areas for consid…

HEA STEM events

Taken from: HEA STEM bulletin

1. HEA STEM: Transitions, employability and professional identity: case study in Architecture Date: 4 Sep 2012 Start Time: 11:00 am Location/venue: University of Ulster, York Street, Belfast
2. Talent 2030/HEA Young women engineers network event - Sponsored by HEA STEM Date: 10 Sep 2012 Start Time: 2:00 pm Location/venue: Lakeside Centre, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET The event will hear presentations from leading figures in industry and higher education, exploring how we can best encourage and support young women to pursue further study and employment in engineering, manufacturing and related fields.
3. HEA STEM: “New to Teaching” Workshop for the Engineering and Materials Disciplines Date: 13 Sep 2012 - 14 Sep 2012 Start Time: 10:30 am Location/venue: University of Liverpool

student work published in journal

A journal paper has been published, with an finalist student from 2011 as one of the co-authors. 

Kariyawasam K., A., Turner S., Hill G. (2012) "Is it Visual? The importance of a Problem Solving Module within a Computing course", Computer Education, Volume 10, Issue 166, May 2012, pp. 5-7, ISSN: 1672-5913.

To avoid potential bias for the work on student experience during a problem-solving module from tutors, also to get honest feedback, the survey data collection and some of the analysis was carried out by an undergraduate computing student (one of the co-authors Kumuditha Achini Kariyawasam) under an URB@N funded project. URB@Nstands for 'Undergraduate Research Bursaries at Northampton'. It is a bursary scheme that offers undergraduate students an opportunity to participate in a pedagogic research project taking place at the University of Northampton

This paper looks at student’s view of the usefulness of a problem solving and programming module in the first ye…

update: Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education: Call for papers!

Enhancing the Learner Experience in Higher Education (ELEHE): Call for papers! ELEHE is an open-access international peer-reviewed online journal published by The University of Northampton: The journal is being re-launched with a new Editorial Team, we are inviting authors to submit articles for publication in the forthcoming Autumn 2012 edition of the journal and we are looking for further papers. The theme for this edition is “Creative strategies for enhancing the learner experience”. We welcome papers which embrace this theme in flexible ways, incorporating interesting and innovative techniques which have been shown to impact positively on students. In line with the aims and scope of the journal, we seek articles which actively incorporate the student voice. The journal welcomes 

research articles (3000-6000 words) for  articles reporting original pedagogic research focussed on enhancing the learner experience ; critical case studi…

11,000 views and counting

This week the School of Science and Technology at the University of Northampton's teaching and learning  blog exceeded 11, 000 pages views, with it being viewed from many countries (see sample below). The blog was set up for: 

member's of the School to disseminate their work (both internally to the school but also externally); work of theresearch group - Science and Technology Research in Pedagogy (STRiPe)  based within the school to be more widely disseminated;postings that relate to teaching and learning activities in the school;postings relating to issues and news in teaching and learning outside of the school.

The top ten countries for viewers of the blog are shown below:

Pageviews by Countries EntryPageviews United States 104 France 73 United Kingdom 6 Russia 5

Higher Education Academy STEM Blog posts

Some useful information taken from the Higher Education Academy (HEA) STEM Blog: on teaching and learning in STEM subjects.

"Is Dialogic feedback worthwhile": videos - What are student perception of assessment and feedback: concerning issues in assessment and feedback in STEM subjects: couple of postings about internationalisation: on student's guide to using feedback:

The Higher Education Academy Computing Update

Taken from: The Higher Education Academy Computing Update by Dr. Mark Ratcliffe

News1. Workshops for 2012/13I’m sorry it has taken so long to get the workshop programme sorted for next year but at last we have a better idea of what will happen. There will now be a closed call for discipline specific workshops from which we hope to fund three Computing workshops at £750 (for the host institution). I then hope to be able to invite at least another 7 “master class” workshops organised in a similar fashion to last year’s workshop & seminar series. To cover the costs of catering, we will this year need to charge for attendance. To make things a little easier for host institutions, registrations for all HEA events will be organised by through the HEA website.
2. STEM Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2013: where practice and pedagogy meetFollowing the success of this year’s conference, our next conference will be held at the University of Birmingham on 17 – 18 April 2013. The call f…