Instructional Design

Several members of the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton attended a two day staff development activity (between teaching commitments) on instructional design by Neil Lasher - The Learning Coach 6 - 7th December 2012.

The first day was spent on some underpinning theory and planning for a learning package on 'making toast'. 

The second day was spent looking at a little more practical elements including:

  • planning what media to use for different learners at different times;
  • some consideration of conversation as an important element in producing material for students when you, the teacher, are not there in person;
  • consideration of typeface to help students actually read the text;
  • how a page is read and the difficulty people reading in english have in going back up the page;
  • consideration of some software options;
  • anchors on the page.

Overall, most people left with something to consider in their own practice.