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Supervisors of HEA funded students 2013

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The Higher Education Academy (HEA)  "announced the successful recipients of its prestigious Doctoral Programme awards, which form part of the HEA’s strategy to undertake research to develop pedagogical knowledge and evidence-based practice in higher education." HEA Doctoral announcement

Supervisors of HEA funded students 2013 Dr Catherine BovillUniversity of Glasgow
Evaluating the impact of student-staff co-created curricula in higher education

Professor Tara FenwickUniversity of Stirling
E-professionalism in the education of professionals: dilemmas and possibilities

Michael Hoyler and Dr Heike JönsLoughborough University
Internationalising UK students through migrant academic staff

Professor Charlotte ReesUniversity of Dundee
Retention and success in healthcare education: Exploring the influence of gendered identities in male- and fema…