Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Work in Progress: Audio feedback

I tried audio feedback to whole group before and the response was positive. I also know it was listened to as the student's feedback comments were about the “erm’s” in the recording cause  - but they listened to it!

So, I have tried it through Grademark with finalist assignment feedback for around 40 students for individual assignment feedback.

- it is quick to do the actual feedback
- didn’t involve me writing or typing
-felt more natural to me.
-second marker was complimentary about it.

- restrictive on where it can be done as it needed somewhere without many distractive noises and couldn’t be done in an open-plan office.

- only one student commented and that was positive.
- the feedback was looked at (not sure it was listened too) as evident by the tracking information in turnitin.

-would have been nice to have had more feedback
- would also have be nice to know whether the feedback was actually played or the feedback was just opened.

What do students thinks of exam?

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