Spreadsheet for neural networks

The basis of this idea was inspired by some work the can be found in the paper Varley et al (2005).

In these videos examples of using spreadsheets to play with the concepts of neurons with neural networks are shown for teaching these approaches.
Using a spreadsheet to replicate the neuron.

Using a spreadsheet to show the delta rule (change in the weight [x] = learning coefficient x input [x] * (what output we wanted - actual output from the neuron) being used to training the weights for a neuron.

VARLEY, M; PEAK, M; HEYS, J; COLLINS, G; KONSTANTARAS A,  VALLIANATOS, F; PICTON P (2005) Spreadsheet Software as a Teaching Tool for Concepts in Electronic Engineering, [Online] http://www.wseas.us/e-library/conferences/2005athens/ee/papers/507-162.pdf accessed on: 20/2/2016

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