Stats Tracking – How to monitor Student activity on your Module.

Taken from  by Rob Davis

Ever wondered if students are actually engaging with your module content in NILE? Well you can tell, if you simply enable “statistics tracking” on your module!
Not only can you monitor how many students access material you make available on NILE but for really impressive feedback you can activate the “Early Warning System”. This lets you define how you want to measure student activity and performance. Your students can then be made aware that you can see their performance on NILE and support them as soon as you see signs of individuals struggling with certain content.
• The Last access rule, which measures logins to NILE. This rule can identify students who have not accessed NILE within a specified time scale defined by the tutor.
• The Grade rule, which operates in relation to the grades scored in items in the Grade Centre. This rule can identify students with a test score above or below a level specified by the tutor.
• The Due date rule, which identifies students who have not completed a test or assignment by the due date. A due date can be set for a test via the Grade Centre, and can also be set when an Assignment is created within a Module.
More details are available about this in this guide and check out the guides on NotificationsDashboard and Performance Dashboard which explain how to set up alerts and see activity across your sites on NILE.