Sunday, 24 June 2012

Moving forward with Submitting and Grading Electronically (SAGE)

For your information, this paper was taken to University Executive Team Committee on 14th June:
Following a trial period in some areas of the University, it has been agreed by UET that all students are required to submit all text based assignments on-line from 1 September 2012. Support for academic staff has been and will continue to be provided by the learning technologists. The date of 1September has been determined so that all module guides and handbooks can be clear in advising students how to submit their work. It would not be possible to implement this within an academic year without causing confusion.
Moving to on-line submission will standardise submission for all students wherever they are studying and make submission easier for students on placements or in work. It should enhance the experience of students which is the prime reason for moving to on-line submission.
Testing for the academic integrity of the submitted work will be facilitated for all assignments.
It was always the intention that academic staff marked on-line and submitted feedback to their students electronically. The Software Systems team are working to ensure that grades submitted on-line can be automatically moved in the QLS, the student record system. This should enable administrative resource to shift from the entering of grades to supporting academics in their use of NILE. Now that the decision has been made to remain with Blackboard as the supplier for the learning environment, these projects can move forward.
  • From the 1 September student will submit work on-line via the module NILE site.
This will be for text based work with the following standard exemptions
    • Portfolios (currently primarily in the School of Health)
    • Artwork
    • Dissertations.( One hard copy to be submitted and one electronically)
  • Where an exception is required to this regulation, permission must be sought from Jill Holden, Student Process Manager.
  • All module guides and handbooks to be updated in accordance with this paper.
  • Tutors will retain evidence of the submission date and students will receive a receipt automatically providing evidence of submission.
  • Tutors will determine whether a grade should be capped. It is the responsibility of tutors to adhere to regulations in relation to the grading of work submitted after the deadline. To ensure equitable treatment of students these regulations must be followed. (See Staff Framework Guide)
  • All feedback must be presented to the student on-line, via NILE, within the published timescale. The feedback dates must be published with the submission dates in the student handbook.
  • Facilities have been made available to tutors for marking on line and Schools have been requested to provide tutors with electronic devices to assist with this away from their desks.  For further assistance staff can visit the  following sources
Training will be available on request from Rob Howe’s team. Staff are advised to address their training needs as soon as possible and to take the initiative in booking training sessions where required.
  • Any concerns should be discussed with the member of staff’s line manager. Ongoing technical issues or on policy matters can be submitted via the blog. It would be helpful if these could be raised as soon as they become apparent.
  • Students will continue to have access to NILE suspended if they are in debt to the University. This is current policy.
  • Academic staff should identify which work is to be moderated by the External Examiner in accordance with the Assessment Policy. External Examiners will be supplied with a NILE password to enable them to view and moderate the identified sample.
  • Staff are advised to review the following health and safety advice .
    • Display Screen Equipment Policy
    • Display Screen Management Procedure.
These are available on the SAGE blog.
Jane Bunce, Rob Howe, Jill Pickard
June 2012.

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