Turnitin – Introducing Voice Comments!!

Turnitin – Introducing Voice Comments!! by Adel Gordon on MAY 17, 2012 
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 You can now easily add audio feedback to student’s work! Tutors now have the ability to leave a voice comment in GradeMark to give students additional substantive feedback that is clear, engaging, and easy to understand. With just a few clicks, instructors can quickly record a detailed voice message and attach it to a paper. This new GradeMark feature is especially useful in disciplines where written assignments are graded primarily on content vs. writing skills (such as science lab reports). Also, adding a voice comment gives you the opportunity to more fully explain your feedback. With voice comments, students can hear the content of the message, and more importantly, the context of the feedback and tone of the tutor’s voice. To add a voice comment, go to the General Comments area in GradeMark, and click the microphone at the top of the right section. You will be asked to allow access to the microphone the first time you use it.