Opinion: Using the Turnitin iPad app.

What is it?
An iPad app that allows you to download Turnitin submitted assignments on to an iPad for offline marking. 

Why did I use it?
I knew I was going to be in a situation (travelling) when I wouldn't have internet access and there was a lot of marking to do and the time to possibly do some of it.

- Downloaded the app from the apple app store;
- Went to my Blackboard account and the module and set of assignments I was to mark;
- Went to one of the student's submissions and in Grademark, clicked on an icon that looks roughly like an iPad as an icon and that produce a code;
- Went to the ipad app, selected the LMS option and typed in the code from the last stage;
- Pressed accounts on the app;
-Synchronised the submissions (needed to be online still for this) by pressing the cloud symbols and waited for it to be finished;

Now I can be be offline and essentially you just select the assignment you want to mark and use it pretty much like Grademark.


  • So far it seems to be the easiest way to do offline electronic marking and still be able to later link it with Grademark. You do need to make sure when you can (and before you start marking online) you synchronise the contents of the ipad with the main marks. 
  • I think it is easier to work with this tool when you have a stylus rather than just your fingers. 
  • It is not as easy to use this, as using Grademark online from a PC or a Mac but for those times when you don't have internet access it is ok.
  • It would have been nice to have been able to have done the same on a PC or a Mac but that appears to not be available yet.

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