Feedback and Communicating with students.

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Guess you know you can issue Announcements and Emails through your NILE module directly to your students, but ever thought about using student-led communication tools like Discussion Boards, to continue communication and debate, and get feedback from your students outside of class time?
You might also know that by creating groups of students in your module, you can allocate them their own discussion boards, blogs and wikis to work on collaboratively. But don’t forget you can also use these for peer support, and for delivering group feedback. Imagine how it would improve communication and feedback within the module cohort.
Finally, you can personalise the student learning experience by creating private journals for students to post their thoughts, feedback and experiences. Only you can see their entries and reply to them if you wish. You can even use this to create a confidential ‘backchannel’ in the lecture theatre – if students are unsure on any of the points you’ve made, they can raise a question from their laptop or smartphone without identifying themselves to the rest of the cohort.
Have a look at these video tutorials and User Guides to look into these aspects more.

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