Opinion: Screencast-o-matic video capture

Apart from it's name (Screencast-o-matic) I really like this piece of video screen capture software (so thank you to Amir Minai for telling me about it). Even though (or especially as) it is a  free bit of software it has some very nice features:

- you choose capture the screen either through a downloaded app or through a link on the site (i.e. no download needed)
- When the cursor is moving you get a large yellow circle surrounding it and it clear where it is. Which is great for demonstrating software in a video.
- When you left click the mouse you get a brief blue blob on the screen next to the cursor to show a click has occurred. Again, great when demonstrating software.
- you get up to 15 minutes per recording.
- several videos formats are possible.
- it is easy to use.
- last and certainly not least it is free.

On the free version you get Screencast-O-Matic.com across the bottom of the screen, but in my view that is easy to live with and doesn't really distract from the content.

As a complementary tool to use alongside software such as Panopto this is a very nice tool.

The software can be found at: http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/

I would be interested in receiving comments from others on other similar pieces of software.

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