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HEA partnership awards 2013

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Partnership Awards

Powerful partnerships: enhancing the student experience

This year’s Higher Education Academy (HEA) annual conference, Powerful partnerships: defining the learning experience, is examining how partnerships within higher education affect the student experience and educational outcomes. Partnerships may arise in many forms and might include interactions between students, employers, teaching staff, research staff, and wider organisations.
To recognise and celebrate partnerships with students, the HEA is launching two awards which will be presented at the Annual Conference, 4 July 2013.

HEA student and staff partnership award

How do local partnerships between staff and students impact the student experience?

The HEA invites joint submissions from staff and students who have worked together to effect change and enhance the student experience. This could be through a formal research or enhancement project, or locally developed working practices. Each submission should be co-authored by a staff member and student from the institution (though it can reflect the work of a larger team of staff and students).

HEA and NUS joint Students’ Union and institution partnership award

How do strategic partnerships between students’ unions and institutions impact the student experience?

The NUS and HEA invite joint submissions from representatives of institutions and their students’ unions, associations or guilds that have developed strategic approaches to partnership working to effect change enhance the student experience. This could be through joint institutional initiatives around key learning and teaching priorities, development of strategies or policies, and governance. Each submission should be co-authored by someone from both the institution and students’ union (though it can reflect the work of a larger team).
Each award comes with a prize fund of £500 (with conditions on how these funds may be spent). Completed applications should be e-mailed to thestudents as partners team by 5 May 2013.
Full guidance on how to apply may be found in the following documents:
If you have any questions about the awards contact the students as partners team.

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