Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Greenfoot in Problem Solving and Artificial Intelligence

Presented at The 10th China-Europe International Symposium on Software Engineering Education, Chengdu, China

Greenfoot is an interactive environment based around Java that enables two-dimensional graphical games and simulations to be set-up relatively simply. Currently maintained by the University of Kent, UK and La Trobe University, Australia, it provides a piece of free software (under a GPL licence), multiplatform and is multiplatform.

In this paper its use within the teaching of problem-solving and artificial intelligence will be considered. Three case studies of it use will be considered:
·        Exercises in developing problem solving within a problem-solving and programming module.
·        Greenfoot for a problem solving assignment within a problem-solving and programming module.

·        Use of greenfoot within a module on artificial intelligence.

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