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Apps – annotating PDF

Re-posted from: Apps for Teaching and Learning – annotating PDF files by Julie Usher "With thanks to Dr. James Xue, Lecturer in Computing, for the iAnnotate recommendation.

Being able to add your own notes to PDF files can be really useful, whether they are lecture notes you want to add your own thoughts to, documents or journal articles you have downloaded for your own research,  or student or collaborative papers that you need to feed back on. There are many different options available for this. Here are a few we found. iOS (Apple) apps neu.Annotate is a free app that will allow you to open a PDF file (e.g. from email, the web or a cloud storage service like Dropbox), and annotate it using typed text or freehand annotation in a range of colours, as well as adding shapes, stamps and images. You can even add whole new pages, and annotate those too. The annotations are saved as part of the PDF, which can then be sent out by email or saved back to Dropbox. iAnnotate PDF is an ad…

Outreach- Science and Engineering week 2012

Several outreach activities were produced for National Science and Engineering Week 2012 by the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton.

Engineering: The Department of Engineering  provided a week of events to mark National Science & Engineering week 2012 including several outreach activities

13th March 2012 "Move forward with Engineering Day" - an event to showcase the opportunities in engineering both for HE and employment to schools.14th March 2012 hosting the Rotary Technology Tournament to promote science and engineering to school children. Outreach
View more PowerPoint from Scott Turner

South End Primary School
On 12th March 2012 a team from the School went to South End Infant school to deliver a range of activities to year 1 and 2 students including:

an introduction to engineering;robot exercises;junkbots;leather science. 

Roade Primary School
On 16th March 2012 junkbots went to Roade Primary School. Where robots from junk were made by year 6 students.

Science and Technology presentation

Here is an interesting video produced by Kelly Savage from NVision describing the School of Science and Technology's research activities at the University of Northampton.