Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Your Degree in Computing: Making it Work

New Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) resources developed collaboratively between the Rashmi Dravid (Computing, School of Science and Technology) and Andrea Duncan (DELTAE) has been launched.

This project build on a previous collaboration of Andrea and Jonathan Adams (Engineering, School of Science and Technology) into PDP for engineering students; the HEA Engineering Subject Centre funded Engineering Your Workplace Advantage (http://pdp.northampton.ac.uk/engineering/index.html)  .A 'student-friendly' feature of both projects is that web-design was carried out by a student.

The resource Your Degree in Computing: Making it Work provides materials that are designed to help computing students:
  • Link work placement and academic study
  • Be aware of skills gained through specific study activities, and how they are relevant elsewhere
  • Improve planning, problem-solving and presentation skills
  • Think actively about  personal and academic development, in relation to your future as a professional in computing
  • Record concrete examples they can use in applications for jobs, placements or further study
  • Gain experience in applying these skills in different situations, through paid or placement opportunities
  • Broaden your career options by providing information, case studies, contacts and resources