Thursday, 21 May 2015

Event: School of Science and Technology Showcase

On 14th May 2015 the School of Science and Technology, University of Northampton ran a school wide celebration of a small part of the Technology Enhanced Learning activities of staff within the school.

The structure of afternoon was a 'World Cafe' style session where colleagues move between tables facilitated by other colleagues discussing the work they have done. The informal style encouraged peer-peer discussion with colleagues.

  • Useful Digital AssessmentsCarole Morrell (Computing)
  • Creative Problem-Solving at a DistanceJalil Bennecer (Engineering)
  • Engaging student representatives off-campusRashmi Dravid (Computing) and Paul Cox (Environmental Science)
  • Technology enhanced fieldwork Naomi Holmes (Environmental Science)
  • Video capture of practical workAmir Minai (Computing)
  • Helpful Application of RubricsMandy Morrell (Computing)

From a personal perspective the discussions were vibrant, highlighting similarities and differences within the subjects; many colleagues left saying they could use something that they came across.

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